December 11th

  • Feats internal linking completed

December 10th

  • Formatting of Wondrous Items to float tables to the right
  • Changed license notice to correctly state that it is distributed under the Open Game License

December 8th

  • Created Combat Index for easy navigation
  • Performed some editing on Combat section, added anchors, corrected formatting.
  • Removed large quantity of duplicated info from combat section.

December 7th

  • Inserted paraphrased description of Favored Class benefits
  • internal links for wondrous items completed
  • internal links for equipment completed
  • Changed equipment table to reference lowercase anchors in equipment file

December 5

  • Removed designer notes per clarification by James Jacobs

December 3

  • Finished formatting new magic item material, and incorporating into magic items page.
  • Added tip jar to sidebar.
  • Began floating tables to the right side of pages. NPC Classes and Adventuring pages done.
  • Parent page metadata input complete up to magic items.
  • Revised CSS script to custom script to correct formating issues of topbar on some browsers see flannel-css-correction

December 2

  • formatted rings to include links to feats, spells, magic schools, and internal links
  • formatted rods to include links to feats, spells, magic schools, and internal links
  • formatted staves to include links to feats, spells, magic schools, and internal links
  • formatted new magic item material Artifacts, cursed, intelligent and creation of.

December 1

  • Updated barbarian rage powers
  • formatted magic armor and magic weapons to include links to feats, spells, and internal links.

November 30

  • Prestige classes now formatted and linked. Tables to prestige classes linked to
  • feats are now organized as main->feats-index->feats for easier linking. Now incorporates new feats from supplemental material.
  • formatted magic and magic-index pages
  • made all spell description anchors lowercase for easier linking to other pages. Standard for all anchors will be lowercase.

November 29

  • Web enhancement spells now incorporated with spells index and spell files.
  • renamed spells to spells-index and spell-descriptions to spells to make it easier to link from other places
  • Some formatting of Prestige classes. Still need links from

November 26

  • Added traits
  • Added web enhancement magic items into magic item files and index
  • Some formatting of web enhancement spells

November 25

  • magic items added
  • Updated tables page with magic items
  • Formatted NPC Classes, updated tables, updated classes list to add links to npc classes

November 24

  • Added Adventuring (Chapter 13) tables to Tables page
  • Added changelog and todo to main page
  • Added initial content for NPCs, and formatted the Adept class
  • Removed playtesting header from main and nav:side
  • Formatting for Magic Armor and Magic Weapons