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"Elemental Body III" is incorrectly labeled "Elemental Body II". =)

Misspelled link by LeithorinLeithorin, 30 Aug 2009 22:43

Elemental Shape IV states that it grants "DR M/-", but I can't find anywhere that it states what "M" could be.

Damage reduction by LeithorinLeithorin, 30 Aug 2009 22:41
Missing Bloodline Powers
Merlin the Befuddled (guest) 20 Aug 2009 23:40
in discussion Public forum / Per page discussions » Sorcerer Bloodlines

The sorcerer bloodlines are nicely done. However, the Infernal bloodline lacks a 15th and 20th level powers and the Undead bloodline lacks a 20th level power. I just thought this should be pointed out.

Missing Bloodline Powers by Merlin the Befuddled (guest), 20 Aug 2009 23:40
Re: Update
John Reyst (guest) 19 Aug 2009 17:54
in discussion Public forum / General Discussion » Update

I'm not sure. The main page says this site is now obsolete considering the existence of the PRD and Joe is not sure what he wants to do with the site yet. I'd like to direct your attention to which is another fan-created SRD site. In full disclosure, the site was started by me but is now maintained by over a dozen regular contributors and the site has been fully converted to the final rules at this point. I'm still looking for more contributors so if anyone here is still keen on working on a fan-maintained SRD shoot me an email at jreyst @ gmail . com.



Re: Update by John Reyst (guest), 19 Aug 2009 17:54
Keith (guest) 13 Aug 2009 15:29
in discussion Public forum / General Discussion » Update

Will this site get updated with the new Pathfinder rulebook updates?

Update by Keith (guest), 13 Aug 2009 15:29

I have to say that the new site looks really good! However, I think the goal is within sight to get all the spells linkified here. I haven't been going very fast lately, but I should have some more free time now that my personal life has calmed down a bit.

Feel free to copy & paste anything from this site, although I don't know if the wiki engines are similar enough to make that a viable option.

Good luck!

Re: New Pathfinder SRD Site by egreeneegreene, 19 Jun 2009 16:10
Re: New Pathfinder SRD Site
John Reyst (guest) 18 Jun 2009 13:08
in discussion Public forum / General Discussion » New Pathfinder SRD Site

1) This site has been *very* useful to me while preparing for sessions and I am glad I discovered it. I realize the final version of the rules are on their way, I am continuing development on the site though because

2) I'm thinking that I can get all of the site structure and general technical issues out of the way before final is released. I'm hoping that when Final is released that updating the site will be a simple matter of copying and pasting the new material over the old.

3) Yeah but, all due respect to Paizo, how long have people been waiting for various digital initiatives from WoTC? And even when they HAVE been released the actual product has been under-whelming at best. I admit that there is a chance my efforts will be wasted if and when an "official" site is created, but until then, I'll just keep on keepin on :) Who knows, even if and when they do release something my site will be better? lol Who knows?

Thanks for the good wishes! And I can fully accept that the efforts of going through spells is a monumental task, its one of the big things ahead of me now… ugh.

Re: New Pathfinder SRD Site by John Reyst (guest), 18 Jun 2009 13:08

Most of the development has tapered off because

1) The site is usable to me, and that's why I originally built it.
2) The final version of Pathfinder is on its way, and any content added between now and release is subject to change.
3) Paizo has stated their intention to release their own SRD type site soon after release of Pathfinder.

One of the contributors - egreene - has been making a slow but sure effort to finish off the spells list. I got to the R's and the enormous volume of spells finally wore me down.

I wish you luck on your endeavor.

Re: New Pathfinder SRD Site by joeshilljoeshill, 18 Jun 2009 12:49
New Pathfinder SRD Site
John Reyst (guest) 17 Jun 2009 23:54
in discussion Public forum / General Discussion » New Pathfinder SRD Site

First I want to say that I have used this site many times over the last many months when planning my sessions and building NPC's etc and I have contributed some (small) time and effort contributing to this site. The amount of effort involved in bringing this site to its current state is clearly massive.

With all of that said, I have unfortunately been disappointed with the speed of the servers the site is on, as well as the speed of getting search results back, as well as the quality of the query results when the searches do return. Add to that the fact that there has been very little development on the site in some time (or at least very few messageboard posts about updates) and the fact that the little time I did spend editing was somewhat painful due to the wiki architecture.

So, deciding to take matters into my own hands, I took the liberty of starting a new SRD site, but using Google Sites as the underlying architecture. I chose Google Sites for a couple of reasons, first, its free. Second, I would never have to worry about the site being slow. Third, searching uses the powerful Google Search functionality and is therefore extremely fast and returns excellent results. Throw in that Google Sites has some other neat functionality like tying into Google Docs and the availability of other features like a Downloads/File Cabinet function and pretty much every Google Gadget there is.

Anyway, I hope I didn't irritate anyone by doing this. For anyone interested, the site is at
and anyone who wants to help can do so. Just let me know at moc.liamg|tsyerj#moc.liamg|tsyerj and I'll make you a collaborator on the site. I'm especially looking for others who are very familiar with Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, Google Forms, and generally creating Google Gadgets. I'd like to have some things like dice rollers or other random generators on the site but am not that skilled a programmer :)

New Pathfinder SRD Site by John Reyst (guest), 17 Jun 2009 23:54

The Infernal and Undead bloodlines are missing some abilities at higher levels.

Re: Bloodlines by The_SultanThe_Sultan, 23 Apr 2009 12:07

I went ahead and added it in. It can certainly be removed or entered a different way if anyone has any better ideas.

Re: Heal Skill info for Bleed by jreystjreyst, 22 Mar 2009 22:19

That makes sense to me. Perhaps we could put it in an "editor's note" box, sort of like how Favored Class is done.

Any thoughts?

Re: Heal Skill info for Bleed by egreeneegreene, 22 Mar 2009 22:08

I recommend adding a line or paragraph into the Heal skill describing that it can be used to remove the Bleed condition and DC to do so. Right now it mentions all of the things it can be used for but does not mention fixing Bleed. I can add it if we think its appropriate. I realize that its not that way in the Beta book so if our intention is to perfectly replicate the text of the book then I suppose it should be left out, but if it's ok to clarify things where appropriate then I think it would be helpful to include it.

Heal Skill info for Bleed by jreystjreyst, 22 Mar 2009 16:28

If you want to make formatting changes that you fell enhance the readability of the site, feel free to do so. This site is meant as a community resource, and usability is the ultimate goal.

Re: Class Tables by joeshilljoeshill, 11 Mar 2009 19:27

I've thought about adding footnotes indicating the source of different parts of the content, but haven't really done anything about it. Given as some of the information already overlaps (traits come from both the companion books, and from the new traits web enhancement), it might be problematic. (or it might be moot if all the information shows up in the final Players Handbook).

If you really want to implement this, feel free.

Good morning,

I notice that this wiki includes content from sources other than the Pathfinder RPG, such as the Traits. I'm wondering if it would be possible to indicate somehow that such content is not part of the "core" Pathfinder RPG, so that DMs would be better able to distinguish what content comes from where.

Some ideas as to how this could be achieved:

  • Color Coding. We could use another color (for example, blue) to indicate a different source. This would be easy to do and easy to see at a glance, but it does present an accessibility problem for colorblind or low-vision users.
  • A small icon. This could be either a small picture or a symbol, such as a † or *. This would also be easy to see, but could be confusing if you didn't know what was meant by it.
  • A separate section. We could move the non-"core" content to a separate section. This would make it extremely easy to determine the source of content, but would make it more difficult to integrate that content with the "core" material.

In either of the first two cases, we should probably put some "fine print" at the bottom of the pages with such content to explain what it means.



Good morning,

I've noticed that with the vertical sidebar, the tables in the class descriptions don't look very good at 1024x768 or lower. Melee classes end up with two very narrow columns, and spellcasters end up with a horizontal scrollbar (at least on Firefox).

I propose that the tables be moved into the document flow, just under the Skill Ranks description. This would function much like it does on, and would make the pages much more usable at low resolutions.

I would be happy to make this change myself, but I wanted to discuss it first.


Class Tables by egreeneegreene, 03 Mar 2009 16:59
joeshilljoeshill 24 Feb 2009 12:52
in discussion Public forum / Per page discussions » Classes

Yeah, I'm leaning towards separate files. I don't know if it's worth doing before Version 1.0. I'd put it low on the priority list.

by joeshilljoeshill, 24 Feb 2009 12:52
jreystjreyst 24 Feb 2009 05:29
in discussion Public forum / Per page discussions » Classes

I say separate files.

by jreystjreyst, 24 Feb 2009 05:29

Added text for Mnemonic Enhancer as well as minor edits to a couple other spells.

Re: Changelog by jreystjreyst, 24 Feb 2009 05:28
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