Pathfinder Society Legal Equipment

From Pathfinder Companion Cheliax Empire of Devils

Abrogalian Corset (specific armor)
Aura moderate enchantment; CL 9th
Slot armor; Price 17,175 gp; Weight 10 lbs.
Desc riptio n
Devised by Her Infernal Majestrix, Abrogail I, this +3 studded leather armor is lavishly adorned with a bound swarm of hellwasps. Once ranking among the most spectacular pieces of clothing in Cheliax, the discomfort caused by during the creation of this corset is as legendary as the protection it offers.
The wasps bound to the corset prevent the first 20 points of damage you take each day (resetting at midnight). Once the wasps have prevented 20 points of damage for the day, they angrily animate and swarm around you, and you must make a DC 18 Fortitude save or be nauseated for 1 round.
After 1 round of activity, the swarm then returns to the corset and goes dormant, and this ability to prevent damage does not function until it recovers at midnight.
The swarm cannot be targeted separately from the armor and cannot be killed unless the armor is destroyed (not just broken).
Const ructio n
Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, lesser planar ally, summon swarm, caster level 9th; Cost 8,675 gp

Cloak of Flash and Shadow
Aura minor illusion; CL 3rd
Slot cloak; Price 11,000 gp; Weight 1 lb.
Desc riptio n
Designed to meet the dual needs of the Chelish elite—glamour and subtlety—the cloak of flash and shadow is a magic reversible
cloak. When worn one way, the cloak shimmers with heavy gold and silver embroidery against richly colored silk, and grants
you a +2 enhancement bonus to Charisma. When worn inside-out, the matte-black lining seems to absorb light, cloaking you in shadow and giving you a +2 competence bonus on Stealth checks. In this configuration you can cast blur three times per day.
Reversing the cloak’s position is a standard action and requires at least one free hand.
Const ructio n
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, blur, eagle’s splendor; Cost 5,500 gp

Grudge Blade
(specific weapon)
Aura minor necromancy; CL 9th
Slot weapon; Price 10,320 gp; Weight 2 lbs.
Desc riptio n
Grudge blades play a role in many of the conflicts driven by the diabolical elite, both petty and epic.
The dull, dark-gray steel of the blades almost appears blunt on the edges, but these +1 rapiers are wickedly sharp. Each elegantly carved hilt displays an engraved, glaring eye that appears to wink and flash as you fight.
The true power of a grudge blade reveals itself against an opponent you have already injured with the sword. If you hit a creature with the sword on your previous turn, you gain an extra +1 bonus on damage rolls with the sword against that creature. As long
as you continue to hit that creature at least once per round and attack no other creatures with the grudge blade, this damage bonus continues to build, to a maximum of +5; failing to hit that target or attacking anyone else resets the damage
bonus to +0.
Const ructio n
Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, death knell, magic weapon; Cost 5,320 gp

Hellcaller’s Edge (specific weapon)
Aura moderate evocation; CL 9th
Slot weapon; Price 20,350 gp; Weight 8 lbs.
Desc riptio n
Bestowed as rewards for unwavering loyalty to Hellknight paravicars of great renown, these filigreed +2 greatswords pulse with a sickening carmine light in rhythm with the heartbeats of their bearers. Prized trophies, these weapons are brandished eagerly by staunch champions of Cheliax.
Once per day as a standard action, you may strike the blade against the ground to create a one-way rift from Phlegethon (the
fieriest layer of Hell) centered where the sword hits. The rift spews magical flames upward in a 10-foot-radius, 40-foot-high cylinder.
All creatures in this area (including you) take 9d6 points of damage (Reflex half DC 17). Half the damage is fire, but the other half
results directly from divine power and is therefore not subject to fire resistance or immunity.
Const ructio n
Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, flame strike, caster level 6th; Cost 10,350 gp

Pact Parchment
Aura moderate enchantment; CL 11th
Slot —; Price 3,500 gp; Weight —
Desc riptio n
Written and signed in blood, a pact parchment ensures the utter and undeniable fulfillment of the actions stated within.
Upon a pact parchment, you can inscribe a contract, defining a certain service or course of action by one or more creatures. If
all listed creatures willingly (without magical influence, threats, and so on) sign this pact in blood, they are bound to fulfill this
agreement. Henceforth everyone breaking the pact suffers a –4 penalty on attack rolls, saves, ability checks, and skill checks,
until they either satisfy the pact’s conditions (if still possible) or the parchment is destroyed.
Const ructio n
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, geas/quest; Cost 1,750 gp

Ring of Terrible Cost
Aura moderate transmutation; CL 9th
Slot ring; Price 20,000 gp; Weight —
Desc riptio n
These rings once displayed the smiling face of King Gaspodar, and were forged in limited quantities to celebrate the end of his reign. After Aroden’s death, the rings were cast aside or lost. Recently, several resurfaced, but changed by unknown means— Gaspodar’s face now bears a sorrowful expression, and flames loom behind him.
As a standard action, you may charge the ring with a +1 profane bonus by sacrificing 2 of your hit points. These hit points remain
lost and cannot be healed by any means until the ring’s power is expended. You may do this multiple times, up to a maximum of a
+5 profane bonus stored in the ring.
As an immediate action, you can add the stored profane bonus to any single attack roll, damage roll, skill check, or saving throw, which expends the charged energy from the ring. You must declare this use after rolling the die but before you learn the result of the roll. You must expend all the ring’s power at once. Once the charge is expended, you can heal your lost hit points normally. Expending this charge does not ruin the ring, and you may charge it again by sacrificing more hit points.
The charge in the ring can come from multiple donors, but none of the donors can regain their sacrificed hit points until the
ring’s charge is spent or the ring is destroyed. For this reason, owners of a ring of terrible cost guard the item carefully.
Const ructio n
Requirements Forge Ring, aid, resistance, vampiric touch; Cost
10,000 gp

Verdict of the Nether Court
Aura strong necromancy CL 13th
Slot weapon; Price 32,000 gp; Weight 2 lbs.
Desc riptio n
Infused with the power of Hell’s courts, this blood-quenched steel gavel emits an ear-splitting din when struck against a hard
surface. Once per day, as a standard action, you can use it to judge a single foe within 30 feet, who then suffers the effect of
a dictum spell.
The gavel bestows one negative level on any chaotic or good creature attempting to wield it. The negative level remains as long
as the weapon is in hand and disappears when the weapon is no longer wielded. This negative level never results in actual level loss,
but it cannot be overcome in any way (including restoration spells) while the weapon is wielded. If the creature is chaotic good, these negative levels stack.
Const ructio n
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, dictum; Cost 16,000 gp